Lock & Be Free

Enjoy our Travel Accessories

In Lock and Be Free you can do much more than store luggage.

Our services and extras will allow you to travel more comfortably and without worries

Mobile Charge

Recharge your cellular phone and don´t run out of communication. Here you can do it!

Wifi Gratis

In our offices you have free Wi-Fi to manage or check the information you need

Boarding Pass Print

Do you feel more secure with your boarding pass in your hand? Here you can print it!

City Maps

In our stores we have maps of the City so when you leave your suitcase you can walk and enjoy your day.


Your suitcase is broken, or you have bought too much? No problem, we have suitcases!


We have paddlocks of different sizers so you can protect your suitcase.

Luggage Straps

Adjustable straps for suitcases to make them much safer.

Free Backpack

And now leave your backpack free when you leave your suitcase!

But that is not all!

Other Services we Offer

Included in the price of your Luggage Storage you will be able to access a host of services within our establishments

Tour Tickets

Make tours in Madrid and sorroundings

Airport Transfer

Book here your transfer to the airport

Security Cameras

In our offices there are cameras recording 24 hours a day

And now we have “Self-Service”

Automated Lockers 

Some of our stores have automated service, and you can access or leave your bags even if the store is closed


Calle Jardines 11,
+34 914 55 75 37

Calle Toledo 41,
+34 917 27 42 60

Calle San Bartolomé 8,
+34 910 66 13 35


Carrer dels Mercaders 22,
+34 937 977 160

Carrers de Còrsega 562,
+34 931 386 821


Carrer de Blanes 7,
+34 960 067 740

Jardines 11

Jardines 11

Jardines 11

Jardines 11

Carrer de Còrsega, Barcelona

Carrer de Blanes 7, Valencia